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About Birla Temple Jaipur

Visit the famous ancient tourist attraction Birla temple in Jaipur devoted to Laxmi Narayan.

History of Birla Temple:

History of Birla Temple: Birla temple was built in 1988 AD by B.M. Birla foundation – an India’s most famous business family. According to the ancient history of Birla temple, it was built on the land given to the Birla family by the maharaja sawai jai singh 2nd for just a token sum of one rupee.

Inside the birla temple:

The Birla temple contains grave image of the goddesses lord Vishnuji and lord Lakshniji. The compound of Birla temple contains several stalls and shop to sell flowers in tandem and handicraft items and Prasad – paraphernalia used by devotees for worship and as offering.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Birla temple is between the 8.00 am to 12.00 pm noon in morning and 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm in evening, every day.

Things you should not miss:

Apart from the main temple, the Birla temple block incorporates a majestic museum that displays the ancestral possessions of the Birla family and a stunning garden with a shopping block. For the visitors of the city, garden of Birla temple, offer a pleasant and welcome break from the noise of this ever so bustling city. It looks stunning, when it is brightly lit in the night.

Nearby Tourist attraction to Birla temple:

Ganesh mandir or Moti dungari temple or Ganesh temple – The tourist who visit the Birla temple usually visit the Ganesh mandir as well.

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How to reach Birla temple Jaipur:

By Air : The nearest airport is sanganer airport, located approximately 20 kilometer away from Birla temple. You can take taxi or auto rickshaw from airport for Birla temple.

By Train : The nearest railway station is Gandhi nagar railway station, located approximately 10 kilometer away from Birla mandir. You can take taxi or auto rickshaw or bus from Gandhi nagar railway station for Birla mandir, Jaipur.

By Bus : Nearest bus stops or bus stand or bus station to Birla temple is ram baag circle, trimurti circle, Rajasthan university mod and moti dungri circle. There are several private city buses and low floor buses as well that connect the Birla temple will different region of the Jaipur city.