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Cycle Rickshar - A local Private Transport in City.

Cycle-rickshaw in Jaipur is a great way to seeing a city. They are less expensive than auto-rickshaw, taxis and unlike buses; they take you to the doorstep of your destination. High capacities tricycle and Cycle rickshaw, that provides a practical environmentally friendly solution to local transport needs. Cycle Rickshaw is a zero pollution local transport in Jaipur city. There are two types of Cycle-Rickshaw in Jaipur city – one is pedal cycle rickshaw and second is pedal/electrical power cycle rickshaw.

Cycle rickshaw and tricycle are best transport solution for inner city, rural and local transport. Now Cycle rickshaw works in wide areas like courier deliveries, promotional campaigns, mobile retail or catering outlet and goods transfer. A local transport Cycle rickshaw is committed to delivering customer service and helping to improve your travel experience. A private transport cycle rickshaw is an easy way to see all of the Jaipur city’s best attraction, tourist and historical places, sporting venues and shopping precincts.

Cycle-Rickshaw Timings / Operation Hours:

You can hire cycle rickshaw anytime from main places of Jaipur like Railway station and Jaipur Bus stand.

Cycle-Rickshaw Fare / Ticket:

Cycle Rickshaw fare: No fixed charges / fare or ticket in Cycle Rickshaw but minimum charges are 10 rupees.