Garh Ganesh Temple Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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About Garh Ganesh Temple

The Garh Ganesh is an ancient temple devoted to lord Ganesha son of lord Shiva. The devotee believes that lord Ganesha is present in the temple in the form of small child Purushakriti. Garh Ganesh temple is a most visited tourist attraction in Jaipur. This temple is very famous because of its situation and excellent outlook.

Garh Ganesh Location :-

The Garh Ganesh temple is located on the Aravli hills well known as Moti Dungri hills near to the Jaigarh and Naharghar fort. It is very famous tourist place because of its outstanding view, it presents from the position on the top of the Aravli hill and greenery of the place is eye catching.

The Glorious History of Garh Ganesh ji Mandir:

Garh Ganesh temple built in 1300 AD by maharaja sawai jai Singh. According to the ancient history of Garh Ganesh temple, it was by made by king hamer in 1300 AD. He was greatly honored lord Ganesha.

Inside the Garh Ganesh temple:

The Garh Ganesh temple covers grave image of idols lord Ganesha with his two wife RIDHI and SIDHI, and two child’s SUBH and LABH and his vehicle mouse is also sited beside the image. Mantra charting and stunning paintings of the gods on the walls fill the atmosphere with the positive energy.

Best Time to Visit Jaigarh Fort:-

The best time to visit Garh Ganesh Temple is from September to March. In winters, the temperature touches maximum of 28.3 degree Celsius and minimum of 11.6 degree Celsius. With such temperature, Amber experiences a pleasant climate in winters. Months from September to March make the ideal time to visit this region.

How to reach Garh Ganesh temple :

By Air: The nearest airport is Sanganer airport, located approximately 20 kilometer away from Garh Ganesh temple. You can take taxi or auto rickshaw from airport for Garh Ganesh temple.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Gandhi nagar railway station, located approximately 10 kilometer away from Garh Ganesh Mandir. You can take taxi or auto rickshaw or bus from Gandhi nagar railway station for Garh Ganesh Mandir, Jaipur.

By Bus : Nearest bus stops or bus stand or bus station to Garh Ganesh temple is ram bag circle, Trimurti circle, Rajasthan university mod and Moti Dungri circle. There are several private city buses and low floor buses as well that connect the Garh Ganesh temple will different region of the Jaipur city.

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