Jaipur metro time table including last metro and first metro timings:

Jaipur Metro timetable announced: Jaipur Metro subway Goyal, MD, NC, announced the timetable. Chaandapoal Metro journey from Mansarovar will only be fixed in 22 minutes. Jaipurites can enjoy metro ride between 6:45 to 9:00 pm. Metro Emerging from Mansarovar metro station, New Aatish Market metro station, Vivek Vihar jaipur metro station, Shyam nagar Jaipur metro station, Ram Nagar metro station, Civil Lines metro station, Railway Station Jaipur metro station, Jaipur Main Railway Station) (Jaipur Area), Sindhi camp (jaipur bus Statnd) Metro station, Chandpole metro station, Choti chopar Jaipur metro station and Badi chopar Jaipur metro station From chandpole to Mansarovar will cover the distance between. Stations every 10 to 15 minutes to get from the Metro Mansarovar Chandpole 10 to 15 minute intervals and 66 trains. Daily 10 to 15 minute intervals for Mansarovar in the 65 trains And Sunday, 57 trains will run every 15 minutes.

The metro journey from Mansarovar metro station to chandpole metro station will only be fixed in 22 minutes. According to the lattest Jaipur metro time table the operation hours is 6.45 am to 9.00 pm. The first Jaipur metro station is Mansarovar metro station and the other following 9 station are new atish market, vivek vihar, shyam nagar, ram nagar, civil line, railway station, sindhi cap and last is chandpole. The fastest trains complete the journey between Mansarovar to chandpole in around 22 minutes.

The first metro train departs Mansarovar metro station at 6.45 am and arrives at chandpole at around 7.05 am. The fare in Jaipur metro is 20 rs max in peak hours and 15 rs max in lean hours. The minimum speed of Jaipur metro is 30 kph and the maximum speed is 60 kph.

Metro Station namefirst metro train timings (AM)Last metro train timings (PM)
Mansarovar06:45 9:00
New atish market6:48 9:03
vivek vihar6:51 9:06
shyam nagar6:53 9:08
ram nagar6:559:10
civil line6:58 9:13
railway station7:01 9:16
sindhi cap 7:04 9:19
chandpole07:07 9:22
  • pole toward the metro first and last train Mansarovar 06:45 in the morning and last night at 9:00 pm
  • Atish Market 6:48 in the morning and last night, 9:03 pm
  • Vivek Nagar 6:51 in the morning and last night at 9:06 pm
  • Shyam Nagar 6:53 last night to day and 9:08 pm
  • Ram Nagar days and last night at 9:10 6:55
  • Line 6:58 9:13 pm the day and last night
  • Railway Station 7:01 9:16 pm the day and last night
  • Sindhi Camp 7:04 9:19 pm the day and last night
  • Moon day and last night, 9:22 pm to 07:07 Poll
  • first and last train towards Mansarovar moon moon from pole to pole for the first 7:00 of the day and end 9:00 PM
  • Sindhi Camp 7:03 9:03 pm the day and last night
  • 07:06 Railway Station at 9:06 pm the day and last night
  • Civil Line 7:09 9:09 pm the day and last night
  • Ram Nagar day and last night at 9:12 pm 07:12
  • Shyam Nagar 7:14 day and last night at 9:14 pm
  • Vivek Nagar day and last night, 9:16 pm to 7:19
  • New Atish Market day and last night, 9:19 pm to 6:48
  • 9:22 pm to 6:45 Mansarovar day and last night.

There are no fixed timetables for the Jaipur metro service. This means metro trains run regularly (every few minutes) throughout the day. Jaipur metro blue line provides the most cost effective metro rail route between mansarovar metro stations to chandpole metro station.

The Jaipur metro train runs every few minutes on most times, most of the time. The first and last trains to and from mansarovar are given below. Jaipur metro timetable and fare are subject to change – please confirm using the Jaipur metro official website. As a general guidelines the Jaipur metro start from around 6.45 am (morning) and run unlit between 9.45 pm – 10.00 pm. You should always check with the metro station staff what time the last metro will be at that particular station if you plan to travel late.

Some travel tips for Jaipur metro:

When boarding Jaipur metro trains, be aware that there is generally a step of up to 9 inches (21cm), either up or down, between the platform and the train. If this is problematic, travel in the first carriage, so the driver can see you more clearly, and allow enough time for you to get on or off.

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