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Fact About VKI (Vishwakarma Industrial Area of Jaipur.

Vishwakarma industrial area is a heart of Jaipur industries. VKI industrial area is also known as Vishwakarma industrial area in Jaipur. The rise of cheap exports imports, technological advancements and the financial crisis have collectively delivered harsh blow to some VKI industries. Rajasthan state industrial development and investment corporation Ltd (RIICO) has played a catalytic role in the industrial development of Vishwakarma (VKI) industrial area in Jaipur. VKI industrial area is one of the most industrialized areas not only in Jaipur but also in Rajasthan.

Vishwakarma industrial area comes under the north zone belt of Jaipur city. VKI comprise ward no 4. VKI is 14 km from the city center – Ajmeri gate. The postal code or pin or pin code of VKI (Vishwakarma industrial area) is 302013.

Concentration on industrial plants in Vishwakarma industrial area also facilitates the provision of vital support services, such as water, power and transportation. The Rajasthan government has attached great important to the industrial development by providing all kinds of support and facilities. VKI as a result, the VKI industry has made significant progress that was clearly manifested in the growth of industrial investment since the establishment of RIICO.

What is the pin code of VKI (Vishwakarma Industrial) Area of Jaipur, Rajasthan India. ?

The pin code of VKI (Vishwakarma Industrial) Area is 302013.

VKI Bus Stops list :

  • 5-Number VKI(Vishkarma)
  • 6-Number VKI(Vishkarma)
  • 8-Number VKI(Vishkarma)
  • 9-Number VKI(Vishkarma)
  • Vishkarma
  • VKI
  • Vishkarma Industrial Area
  • Batti Dukan
  • Nanda Canteen
  • 12-sector VKI(Vishkarma)
  • 13-sector VKI(Vishkarma)
  • 16-sector VKI(Vishkarma)
  • 17-sector VKI(Vishkarma)
  • 52-sector VKI(Vishkarma)
  • Aakheda