Auto Rickshaw in Jaipur - Quick guide to Auto Rickshaw in Jaipur – How to travel around Jaipur city by Auto-Rickshaw – A public transportation and local transportation in Jaipur..

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About Auto rickshaw

Driver Conductor – “A journey planner” to Auto-Rickshaw in Jaipur will help it easier for you. Jaipur has plenty of Auto-Rickshaw but it’s extremely difficult to get any of them to put their meters on. The drivers will quote you a fare for your journey, so it’s important to have an idea of the correct fares before you travel to avoid getting ripped off. Get the latest Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw fare rate here. We have tried our best to include Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw minimum fare, Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw peak fare, Auto-Rickshaw night fare in Jaipur, booking fee of Auto-Rickshaw in Jaipur, their luggage charges and much more about Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw.

About Auto Rickshaw

Auto Rickshaws are also known as “Auto” in Jaipur. Auto-Rickshaw is common in many areas of Jaipur and provides cheap and efficient transport. An Auto-Rickshaw is a three wheeled vehicle used as public and transportation on hire. Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw can carry 3 people at a time. Auto-Rickshaw in Jaipur can be failed from the street and taken from designated Auto-Rickshaw stands.

Silent features of Jaipur’s Auto-Rickshaw Fare are…

The fare rate is 13 rupees for first 3 kilometer and 5 rupees for each additional kilometer. You’ll be charged 25% extra at night from 11 pm to 5 am. Waiting charges are 30 rupees per hour. There’s also a luggage charge of 5 rupees for extra and large luggage (Above 10 Kg). We believe this information will help you calculate Auto-Rickshaw fare in Jaipur and better plan your travel in the city.

  1. Minimum Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw fare is 13.00 rupees for the first 0-3 km.
  2. Night charges are applicable from 12.00 midnight to 5.00 am and it is 25% of “regular” daytime fare rate.

Latest tariff meter fare rate chart for Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw…

Serial Number Meter Reading Fare in Rupees Serial Number Meter Reading Fare in Rupees
1 0-3 13 2224118
2 4 18 23 25 123
3 5 23 2426128
4 6 28 2527133
5 7 33 2628138
6 8 38 2729143
7 9 43 2830148
8 10 48 2931153
9 11 53 3032158
10 12 58 3133163
11 13 63 3234168
12 14 68 3335173
13 15 73 3436178
14 16 78 3537183
15 17 83 3638188
16 18 88 3739193
17 19 93 3840198
18 20 98 3941203
19 21 103 4042208
20 22 108 4143213
21 23 113 4144218

Advice about Jaipur's Auto-Rickshaw

  1. In driver conductor – a journey planner view, when the number of person is more than five (5), then it would be wise to go for a call taxis instead of two (2) Auto-Rickshaw.
  2. Always ask your hotel for the going fare rate and negotiate with the driver before you get off; hire one through your hotel or the RTDC () tourist information center.
  3. Jaipur Auto-Rickshaw can carry only 3 people at a time.


The tariff posted above was based on the information found over their website and in public promotional materials. The above comparison is made based on the fare rates charged by each operators and it may not be the perfect sources for comparison and we can’t come to a conclusion as to a particular mode of transport is cheaper better than other.

Note that we only provide an approximate estimate, although the accuracy of our fare calculations tends to be very high.