Durga Ashtami 2016

Durga Ashtami ::

Durga ASHTHAMI is celebrated with immense joy across the nation. The period of nine days of Navratri is filled with essence of spirituality. Durga Ashthami is thought to be among the most auspicious days of the year. This year Durga Ashthami falls on 9th October, 2016. It is basically the 8th day of Durga Navratri. This festival is celebrated all over India with differed rituals and practices. This festival is celebrated as a victory Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasur. The devotees of Durga ask for her blessings and offer prayers on Durga Ashthami.

Durga Ashtami in 2016

Durga Ashtami will be celebrate on 9th October in 2016.

Durga Arti

जय अम्बे गौरी, मैया जय श्यामा गौरी तुम को निस दिन ध्यावत
मैयाजी को निस दिन ध्यावत हरि ब्रह्मा शिवजी ।| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

माँग सिन्दूर विराजत टीको मृग मद को |मैया टीको मृगमद को
उज्ज्वल से दो नैना चन्द्रवदन नीको|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

कनक समान कलेवर रक्ताम्बर साजे| मैया रक्ताम्बर साजे
रक्त पुष्प गले माला कण्ठ हार साजे|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

केहरि वाहन राजत खड्ग कृपाण धारी| मैया खड्ग कृपाण धारी
सुर नर मुनि जन सेवत तिनके दुख हारी|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

कानन कुण्डल शोभित नासाग्रे मोती| मैया नासाग्रे मोती
कोटिक चन्द्र दिवाकर सम राजत ज्योति|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

शम्भु निशम्भु बिडारे महिषासुर घाती| मैया महिषासुर घाती
धूम्र विलोचन नैना निशदिन मदमाती|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

चण्ड मुण्ड शोणित बीज हरे| मैया शोणित बीज हरे
मधु कैटभ दोउ मारे सुर भयहीन करे|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

ब्रह्माणी रुद्राणी तुम कमला रानी| मैया तुम कमला रानी
आगम निगम बखानी तुम शिव पटरानी|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

चौंसठ योगिन गावत नृत्य करत भैरों| मैया नृत्य करत भैरों
बाजत ताल मृदंग और बाजत डमरू|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

तुम हो जग की माता तुम ही हो भर्ता| मैया तुम ही हो भर्ता
भक्तन की दुख हर्ता सुख सम्पति कर्ता|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

भुजा चार अति शोभित वर मुद्रा धारी| मैया वर मुद्रा धारी
मन वाँछित फल पावत देवता नर नारी|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

कंचन थाल विराजत अगर कपूर बाती| मैया अगर कपूर बाती
माल केतु में राजत कोटि रतन ज्योती|| बोलो जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

माँ अम्बे की आरती जो कोई नर गावे| मैया जो कोई नर गावे
कहत शिवानन्द स्वामी सुख सम्पति पावे|| जय अम्बे गौरी ॥

देवी वन्दना

या देवी सर्वभूतेषु शक्तिरूपेण संस्थिता|
नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:


Durga Ashthami is also known as Maha Ashthami which is one of the most important days of Navratri.

Astra Puja is performed during this day. It is the ritual of worshipping the weapons of Goddess Durga used to kill Mahishasur. This day is also called as Virashthami.

Kumari/kanjak puja also takes place on the day of Maha Ashthami. People carry out puja for nine young girls on this day. Girls are treated as goddess and are offered food like ‘puri-halwa’ along with gifts and money (shagun). People take blessings by washing and touching the feet of young girls.

Sandhi puja, a special type of ritual also performed on the juncture of Ashthami. Sacrifices are offered in various places during Ashthami. Buffalos and goats are sacrificed in front of goddess to portray her superior power.

Durga Ashthami is one of the most important days of Durga Navratri where several people carry out fasting on this day. Ashthami is universally accepted as the culminating point of the nine days of Navratri. We must pray to her to destroy our inner enemies. Only then we can attain self-purification, self-transformation and self-knowledge, everlasting happiness, peace and good health.

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