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About Tempo and Tata-Magic Routes in Jaipur

When we talk about local transport facility in Jaipur, there is an extended service or small travelling facility, comes in existence in that is Tata magic or tempo. Tata magic or tempo service covers colonies and their stops. It is a very good local transportation medium for small distance. This type of conveyance helps in travelling through small streets, congested areas and rural areas, poorly connected residential, commercial and industrial areas. These Tata-magic or tempo travellers have replaced other local transportation medium tempo, share auto, vikram and rickshaw in Jaipur.

You will find Tata-magic routes and tempo routes, time tables, latest fare chart and distance between different stops at driver conductor website. This transportation means are easily available in every corner of Jaipur and the charges are also nominal. This is the example of private transport in Jaipur.

Tata-magic and Tempo Timings / Operation Hours:

Tata-magic and Tempo Timings are in operation from 5.00 AM (Morning) to 9.30 PM (Evening). Some suburban and urban jaipur city mini bus route may starts as early as around 4.30 AM.

Tata-magic and Tempo Fare / Ticket:

Jaipur Tata-magic and Tempo fare / Ticket equipped with conductor. The minimum jaipur Tempo and Tata-magic bus fare is 5 Ruppes for 1 jaipur bus stops to 2 jaipur bus stops or we can say that 1km to 2 or 3 km.

Fact About Jaipur Magic Routes

In Jaipur, there are approximate 20 magic routes available, some are with number and some are not. Approximate 12 tempo routes are available with number; these routes are 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, and 20.