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Local and Public Transport in Jaipur

Jaipur pink city is well connected to almost every part of India and to travel within the city there are various local transportation and public transportation including Jaipur low floor buses, Jaipur Private City mini bus in Jaipur, jaipur semi low floor bus in Jaipur, jaipur auto-rickshaws in Jaipur, Jaipur cycle-rickshaws in Jaipur, and Jaipur taxis in Jaipur. Rajasthan State Roadways provides the convenient and common public transport in Jaipur city. You can travel in any part of Jaipur city through the Jaipur low floor buses in Jaipur, Jaipur Private City mini bus in Jaipur, Jaipur semi low floor bus in Jaipur, Jaipur auto-rickshaws in jaipur, jaiur cycle-rickshaws in Jaipur, and Jaipur taxis in Jaipur and the fair of the low Floor bus, Private City mini Bus, Tata Magic and Jaipur AC low Floor bus in Jaipur is also nominal. The city buses are functioned by Jaipur City Transport Services Limited of Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporation under JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission).

Low Floor Bus in Jaipur - A Public Transport.

Low Floor bus is a bus that is accessible from a certain minimum height of step from ground level. The Minimum height of step from ground level is 400mm for low floor buses and 650mm for semi low floor buses. Low Floor buses with rear engine are purchased which reduces noise pollution. This service cover major attraction like Heritage Location, Walled City area, Old and Traditional Market, Bus Stands, Railway Station, Air-port, Industrial Areas, City Hospitals, City Gardens and malls etc. Jaipur city transport services limited (JCTSL) is a city bus services for Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan state in India). It is introduced in 2007. It provides late night services for passengers, city bus pass rules, discount travel. It has two types of routes radial and circular routes. Low floor bus includes with low floor buses, Semi-Low-Floor Buses, Urban Areas buses, AC buses, Non-AC buses, Next Vehicle display Board or System, Automatic Vehicle Location information System through GPS, On Board Stop Announcement, and Signal Priority on Specific signals and Ticket System like prepaid and Automated Technologies and color schemes [Each route is assigned a particular shade of color for ease in identification]. It saves the energy (fuel) consumption on account of less no. of vehicles on road. The Bus stops are 35.0 m long and 3.0 wide and Bus Stations are 54.0 m long and 3.5 m wide for BRTS buses in Jaipur (Capital of Rajasthan) known as pink city. The service frequency of the buses is 7 to 15 minimum. The bus capacity is 90 person for seating and standing. The fuel type of low floor buses is DIESEL and CNG.

About Auto Rickshaw

Auto Rickshaw means of public Transportation in many countries. We all know the origin can be traced back to the manual hand pulled Rickshaw which evolved into the pedal Rickshaw that you still see in Kolkata and Delhi.
The first Rickshaw introduced in Japan. The Meaning of Rickshaw from the Japanese word is Human Powered Vehicle. Bajaj Auto Limited (M/S Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited) which introduce these Auto-Rickshaws in India 1969.

About Private City Mini Bus

City Buses or Mini buses are also very good sources of transportation around the Jaipur city or pink city (the capital of Rajasthan state in India). This is very good sources for student because of fare. The word “ST” (Student Ticket) is very famous in this mini bus. The word”ST” (Student Ticket) means of half ticket of the decided fare. The Minimum fare of private city mini bus is 5 Rupees.

About RoadWays

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation has entered its 49th year of business, since its inception on 1st October 1964. The corporation has been established under the Road Transport Act 1950 with the objective of providing economic, adequate, punctual and efficient services to the travelling public in the state with 8 Depots and 421 Buses plying 45000 kilometres, carrying 29000 passengers per day. Currently, 4500 buses across 51 depots are plying more than 16 lace kilometres and carrying more than 9 lacks passengers per day.

RSRTC is committed to providing high quality services, consistently and constantly improving the services for the satisfaction of the passengers. To fulfil the commitment, RSRTC has incorporated Ordinary, Express, Deluxe, A.G. Gandhi Rath, A.C., A.C. Sleeper, Volvo-Mercedes, Volvo-Pantry, Volvo-LCD, Volvo-LCD-Pantry bus services in fleet for all category of passengers.

About Magic Tampoo

We can say that this is another way of representation of Auto Rickshaw. But it is known as Sharing Auto (means we can share this services with another traveler). It services extended travelling facility to the colonies and sub-urban towns in and around Jaipur. This service covers small colonies and stops. It is very good transportation for medium distance. This service cover small stop like colonies streets and hospitals etc. It is very good when you want to travel for a small distance.